Yellow - New Instrumental

2016-06-11 16:33:51 by Iviqrr

So after a really really really long break, I've written a new instrumental and here it is:

I want to and I will do more after I finish the 3 exams I have left. After that I'll have a lot of free time to do my own stuff and maybe work with other people on stuff. Might even try my hand at art again.

Hope you like the new song!


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2016-06-11 17:58:07

I did, I was the guy who gave you it should be on a CD but thanks for the tips :D.

Iviqrr responds:

No problem, hope it helps somehow. Hope to see your art/music, good luck!


2016-06-11 18:15:50

Just for it I am going to add you in one of my artz


2016-06-11 19:15:48

Your music is good and you should feel good.