Entry #11

Not dead

2017-05-31 18:13:21 by Iviqrr

Unfortunately, I have not died yet. I have however finished high school and i'll finally have tons of time to do the things I love. I've been trying to write new music, and I've got stuff I'll put out soon but I've also decided to try my hand at art once again.

Gonna be mostly posting art stuff on my tumblr: https://iviqrr.tumblr.com

And I'll probably upload the better stuff on here (or I'll just dump all of it on here eventually).

I've also performed live with my band "Paradox" along with an orchestra/choir and that was a fun experience. Some people from the band are leaving to pursue jobs/studying so we wont be playing till we get new people in.

So that's the current state of my life. Hope I'll be more active in pushing out music/art from now on.


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